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Don’t Hate Your Hormones, Balance them!

Three Secrets Every Woman Should Know to Harmonize their Hormones.

Are your hormones taking you hostage?

With our hormones being the building blocks of our emotional regulation, it is no wonder that our mood swings take a huge toll on our personal relationships.

Not to mention our bodies.

We work out, we try to eat right, but in the end, nothing seems to work. 

Then comes the crazy mood swings.  All it takes is one wrong look or comment from our spouse or friend and BAM…We want to take their head off.  Sound familiar?

You are not alone!

This stuff is real.

It doesn’t have to be so hard. 

Our hormones are taking us hostage and it’s time to get your body back. 

You can experience life in a whole new way.


There comes a moment in the lives of many woman where our hormones start to change us.  We might not even know that it’s happening. Then suddenly one day we wake up and realize that the weight gain and mood swings are taking over our life.  We just want to feel normal again, but we can’t control it.

So, what happens when our relationships start to suffer?

Cue stress and frustration, right?

We imagine a life where we can be ourselves, love our bodies and maintain positive relationships with those we care about. 

I want to put your mind at ease.

It is possible for things to be different – for you to have the life and body you deserve.

To live guilt and worry free.

For the past 10 years, as a Naturopathic physician, I have helped thousands of woman to understand their hormones and love their body again. 

I can help you too!

I care about you!


over a decade of experience in Naturopathic Medicine, eating psychology and transformational coaching


hundreds of women who got their lives back by balancing hormones


thousands of pounds lost through coaching and education

Don’t Hate Your Hormones
Balance Them!


With Food Body Freedom, you can learn the secrets to balancing your hormones in a way that is sustainable.

Imagine your friends and family seeing you in a whole new way.


Transform your mindset for success.


Understand the foods that help or hurt you.


Stop the weight gain.


Feel sexy again.


Have more energy.


Reduce the mood swings and guilt.


Enjoy the freedom that you deserve.

You can Transform Your Life.

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Discover simple secrets to harmonize your hormones and stop the mood swings so you can take back control of your life.

transform your life

You deserve to be happy, healthy and feel free. Start living life in a whole new way and get your body back! 

Get the support of a community.

If you’re concerned that nothing has worked before and you don’t know if this will work now, we totally understand. 

So, what makes us different?  In a single word, COMMUNITY! 

Diet and exercise plans are expensive and often ineffective because there is no sense of community to keep you going when things get hard. 

Plus, they lack the education you need to make smart decisions for yourself.  As a Naturopathic physician, I’ve devised a program backed by research that works! And….you will be surrounded by a supportive group of women just like you. 

When you fall, (and you probably will) we’ll will pick you up.  Success is at your fingertips and failure isn’t an option